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Our Aging Puzzle | In Honor of My Mother

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Over the last four weeks, we had the pleasure of having Latina Roggero as our Guest on the show, an incredibly dedicated and caring woman, who overcame a lot of hardship, including the loss of her children's father, her sister, and her mother. Despite these hardships, Latina has remained strong and bravely continues to move forward with her life despite the pain of her losses. We learned a lot from Latina - We talked about the "Five Stages of Grief" - Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

This topic is really close to my heart. Last week, on September 24th, was two years since my mom passed away from COVID. So, for this episode, I'd like to dedicate it to my mother, Eunice Deveaux.

Thank you, Eunice Deveaux, for your love, strength and memories. Love you dearly.

For those of you dealing with the death of a loved one. Remember you are not alone. Look for ways to get support to help ease the pain you are expressing. To learn more about Grief and Loss you can call or Text 988

Join us weekly for "Our Aging Puzzle" a new show hosted by Corlette Deveaux, MBA, Business Coach, and CEO of DG Incorporated Marketing & Business Development. The show includes one-on-one interviews, stories, and information on aging, healthcare, chronic diseases and habits to live longer and live better.


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