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This Policies and Procedures Manual provides an in-depth overview of all Assisted Living Facility procedures and regulations. It includes detailed information on Residents, Team Members, Operations, and Record Retention. This manual is an essential resource for any Assisted Living Facility.

Policies and Procedures Manual

SKU: FORM-0001
    • Residents
      • Resident Procedures and Care
      • Advance Directive Policy
      • Controlled Drug Diversion Policy
      • Restraints and Seclusion Policy
      • Appendix A-1 – A-21
    • Team Members
      • Employment Policy
      • Needle Stick Policy
      • Policy for Residents with Alzheimer’s Disease or a Related Disorder
      • Volunteers
      • Appendix B-1 – B-4
    • Operations
      • Operational Policy
      • Maintenance Policy
      • Communicable Diseases
      • Vaccine-Preventable Disease Policy
      • Infection Control Policy
      • Fire & Safety Policy
      • Nurse Delegation Policy
      • Required Postings
      • Death of Resident Procedure
      • Appendix C-1 – C-16
    • Record Retention Policy
      • Appendix D-1:  Record Retention Schedule
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